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Spellforce 2 The Power Of Immortals v2.0
2013-06-09, 3:41 PM
The Power Of Immortals
Shaikan defeated the dark magician called Dr. Mauser in the Dark Towers land. But something wrong happend to the world of Eo again!
Demons brought their darkness. They started to attack elven fortress. But the demons weren't the most dangerous enemies, because the powerful Crimson Empire returned and they started the war against the Army Of Zarach!
In this mod you will play as a shaikan, who will be trying to stop the demons and sav the world of Eo!
  1. Elven Whisper
  2. Crimson Desert
  3. Greenstone Field
  4. Frostweaver Mountains
  5. Greenstone Field (Part 2)
  6. Eternal Plains
  7. Mauser`s Castle
Maps are full of quests, enemies and adventures!
Requires: Spellforce 2 Gold Edition
Click here to download!
Category: The Power Of Immortals (Full version) | Added by: Shaikaner
Views: 2554 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 1 | Rating: 5.0/3
Total comments: 1
1 kasia  
Thanks for the great work, love the mods! But I have a problem with the gate on the Frostweaver Mountains map, the gate won't open. I defeated all of the enemies possible, even behind the gate (thanks to gargoyles), but my avatar still can't reach the town, because the gate is still closed. I would appreciate it if you'd tell me what I should do. Thanks!

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