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I made a big mistake...

...when I banished Soul Carrier from my clan. Because after two years Black Fangs were attacked by humans! These humans were from the Farlorn's Hope, they were the Briarwolves! 

Our Shaman said, that they want revenge, because Rune Warrior destroyed them legion. Nobody knows, how did they survived. We thought, that our clan will be destroyed, Briarwolves were very strong, their knights were very powerful!

But Shadow Warrior arrived to help us! He told me, that Naugron was resurrected and he stole the black mirror from Nightsong and the Pact became weaker. I agreed with him. We joined him and his last shadows, they were in Shadow Warrior`s side even if he didn't has a mirror. They helped us and they destroyed the Briarwolves camp in Gate Of Swords, after one year we begun to build a base in another island called The Gate Of Blades! Now we will attack the castle of the Briarwolves!

The Army Of Zarach





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