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Danora,the island between elves and orcs
We found this island two years ago, when Idara was looking for magical altar. She wanted to explore the world of ancient wisdom of the elves. We built a base there, because undead forces started to attack us. Queen Sansha told us, that Dun Mora has been attacked by orcs and shadows too, she couldn't find out what happend in there. 
The war in Dun Mora ended after one year. But the orcs started to attack Danora. The elves wanted one thing! They wanted the QUEEN. Idara told me, that I have to become a queen of this fortress in Danora. I agreed...
I went to Falcondeon, because my elves were to weak to destroy the orcs in Danora. Baron told me, that he will send his son and soldiers to Danora, but Falkmar traveled to Shaikanar for meeting Tor Halicos.
Now I'm waiting for him...
But Falkmar didn't return to Falcondeon, I and Idara left Danora for a week, we went to Falcondeon. Soldier told us, that bandits occupied the portal in Shaikanar and Falkmar cannot return to his homeland. We were very sad, because we couldn't destroy the orcs in Danora, But Idara told me, that she won't give up! I agreed with her and I said: "We won't give up!"
Queen Ylia and her army!

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