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The war between Dun Mora and Gate Of Swords

Iron lord is very stupid orc! Why he thought, that we joined Briarwolves? We are Dun Mora elves and we never join other legions! After one year, my elves were attacked by the orcs and SHADOWS!?! I thought, that I'm dreaming! Why shadows joined the Black Fangs?

I wrote a letter to Ylia, she told me, that she is going with Idara to Danora. I told her, that Dun Mora was attacked by orcs and shadows. But elves destroyed first camp of shadows, treants supported us! Orcs were scared, they were weaker without shadows. So, they returned to Gate Of Swords and the war ended! 

But Ylia told me, that Danora was occupied by orcs! She said, that there's one elven camp in Danora, but the elves are too weak to destroy the huge orc camp in Danora! So, she went to Falcondeon, there she will search for the help.

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