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SpellForce 2

Empire of the Shadowtrail

Massive Update (v2.0)


A new version for a Spellforce 2 mod "Empire of the Shadowtrail" is coming soon this summer!

It includes new brand map along with new quests, new soundtrack and map design improvements, the update will be released very soon! 


Here's some new screenshots:

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Views: 1396 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2017-07-19

Views: 865 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2017-02-12


Release date: 2016-07-31


Spellforce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail is a Campaign Mod for Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past, which contains new big 8 maps, full of adventures! 

Firstly, it was planned to be released in 2015 but there was still work to do with this mod, so the date was changed to 2016. And now, I can finally present you an actual release date!


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Views: 954 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2016-07-23

Empire of the Shadowtrail

Hello everyone, I have returned and resurrected my mod 'Empire of the Shadowtrail' for a second time :)

It's now a bit more than a half-done, but it still needs more testing!

Here`s some new screens for you:

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Views: 1048 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2016-06-26

The Campaign mod 'SpellForce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail' is going to be released in 2016!


Follow the news on my moddb site and don't forget to check my youtube channel, where I upload latest gameplay videos!

Here is some screenshots for you:


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Views: 1123 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2015-12-25

Here's the newest screenshots for SpellForce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail




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Views: 1193 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2015-09-21

SpellForce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail


Bad news to those, who were waiting for my newest mod, because it's not going to be released this summer...

But I will continue the work and try to release this mod during this year! 

New release date: end of 2015/beginning of 2016.

There's still more work and lot of thing to do with this mod, this summer I had lots ... Read more »

Views: 994 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2015-08-19

Information for SpellForce 3

General setting:
Will take place ~500 years before convocation => no islands, but continents => no portals.

Base building and economy:
More complex (even compared to SF1): There will be areas to conquer and control and you'll have to transport somehow raw materials and products from e.g. the mine (ore) to smelter (iron), onwards to blacksmith (weapons), then further to barracks where the things are given to units trained. Something like that (but not as complex as in e.g. the anno series).

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Views: 1196 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2015-08-10

SpellForce 3


Gamescom 2015 has already started, SpellForce 3 is one of the games, which are going to appear in this event.

At the moment we can see new 3 screenshots for this game, also there is some info:

  • Story will take place before the Convocation Wars (large continents: Fiara, Xu etc.)
  • SpellForce 3 will continue RPG/RTS mix genre.
  • SpellForce 3 uses new brand engine.

Stay tuned for more information! ;)

Also here's the new screenshots:

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Views: 1246 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2015-08-06


Views: 2233 | Added by: Shaikaner | Date: 2015-06-26 | Comments (6)

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