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Spellforce 2 Harbingers of the Decay (Full Version)
2014-03-24, 5:06 PM

The Harbingers of the Decay




When the Nameless demons brought their darkness to the world of Eo, the contract between cults and demons started to erase. Cults were afraid, because they were thinking, that the demons will destroy them. 

But some of the cults were thinking about the summoning of the Red God, they thought, that this God will save them! 

However, other cults were arguing, that this summoning have to be stopped, because nobody should summon the Red God! After this, the war between demons and guilds of the cults started!




  1. Elvensong Forest
  2. Rune Sea Land
  3. Plains Of Judgment
  4. Greenstone Field
  5. Gate Of Blades
  6. Eternal Plains
  7. Crystal Shore
  8. Elvensong Forest (part 2)

PVP Maps

  1. Strongfire Fields
  2. Darksoul



Requires: Spellforce 2 Faith in Destiny (v2.28) or Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past

Known Bugs:

  • Sometimes main avatar won't appear in cutscenes
  • Sometimes in Gate Of Blades map Soulbender won't appear in cutscene and quest won't be finished (load latest savegame or restart the map)

Please save the game after you finish quest or level up, etc.





Click here to download! (DotP version)

Click here to download! (FiD version)




Category: Harbingers Of The Decay | Added by: Shaikaner
Views: 3284 | Downloads: 0 | Comments: 3 | Rating: 5.0/1
Total comments: 2
2 damien   [Entry]
awesome mod ! Pls make more maps :-)

1 |Runekrieger|   [Entry]
Thanks for making mods for sf2! I enjoyed them very much :)

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