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Spellforce 2 Empire of the Shadowtrail
2015-02-19, 6:18 PM

Empire of the Shadowtrail




Click here to read a prologue


  When the Alyah died and the Empyria started to collapse, the alchemist Lorion Shadowtrail took over the Empyria and started the war in Xu and Fiara. Westguard, the shaikan town was at a chaos since the town was occupied by Redmond, who became a king of the Highmark after Ulf's death. When the Westguard was almost demolished by the Realm, Emperor Lorion came to Westguard and stated, that he will protect the shaikans and fight by their side. Shaikans thought that they had no other choice but to accept Lorion's help. But it was a huge mistake shaikan's ever made. Emperor imprisoned the shaikans and took over the control of the Westguard. General Redmond became angry at Shadowtrail since he stole the lands, which Redmond wanted to control. King declared the war against Empyria.

  The lands of shaikan were devastated, shaikans needed a hero, who could stop the war and save them... Play as a shaikan, who managed to escape from the war in Westguard and take a revange on Redmond and Shadowtrail, who had destroyed your homeland!




  1. Eversea Coast
  2. Silvertree Mountains
  3. Elen'dorah
  4. Shadowtrail's Empyria
  5. Stones of Ragefire
  6. Shadownight Woods
  7. Elona
  8. Winterwind Land
  9. Shrine of Nor


Requires: Spellforce 2 Demons of the Past







Click here to download! (version 2.0)


Category: Empire of the Shadowtrail | Added by: Shaikaner
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1 Shaikaner  
Just added a gameplay video! wink Hope you guys enjoy it!

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