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Empire of the Shadowtrail



 One year after the Zazhut destruction, Ylia, Jandrim and Khai started a search quest of people, who are still abusing an Archfire. They decided to pay a visit at Westguard's prison, where Lorion Shadowtrail was being held as a prisoner. A searching group wanted to gather more information from him about the Blessed Ones. But Lorion didn't speak much about his companions. Suddenly he said: "It's been 40 000 years and you still don't know the real side of this story.

"What are you talking about?" Ylia clenched her fists.


"I will tell you the truth about how world of Eo was formed and eventually, how it was supposed to end...


 A million years ago Star God Aonir discovered a new world and named it Eo. Then it looked like a huge fireball, raging elements were devastating the surface of the world. Aonir tamed the Elements and started to shape them into the new beings, creatures that you now call The Nameless. They were the mixture of the Earth's power - Archfire and Aonir's power - life. But Aonir knew, that he will have to leave this World one day, so he created a new God for his first children. He gathered an enormous amount of Archfire and shaped it into a tremendous creature. Zalutik Zhutan (Zazhut) was his name, it probably means "The Divine One" or "The First God". But Zazhut was different from others since he was the God, everyone only feared him. The first God held his feelings inside him. Loneliness, rage, depression were the feelings he only felt. Aonir decided to create a companion for Zazhut. He worked hard this time. Aonir tried to use all of his creativity. After a couple of days, he created her, Sari`El, the most beautiful being Star God has ever shaped by his own hands. And that's how the World of Eo looked a very long time ago.

 But the World was imperfect for Aonir, he was thinking that there's still something missing and he must find an answer in order to fill that empty hole in his heart. Those creatures he made were only an unsuccessful work. Consequently, he smashed the face of the World and submerged the demons down into Earth.


 Before leaving the World of Eo, Aonir called his children: Ereon, Ulm, Elen, Shanna, Niethalf, Zerbo, Tiara, Nor, Hirin and Kerona. He presented them their duties and responsibilities and gave the world a new seed of life. From this moment, you know what happened next... Shapers discovered a special fire, a power, which is prohibited. When they lost their interest on the Dragons, shapers started to work with new magic, an Archfire power. Shapers didn't know what they were doing, they didn't know that there's something dangerous under the ground. Due to their ignorance, they opened the Gates for the Nameless demons. The War was tragical for Shapers. As you may know, it ended with interference of the Gods.


 At the very last moment, a Shaper Elder called his grandson to tell him about his prophecy. Elder said that one day Zazhut will return to the World and his grandson will be awakened to protect the World. He said: 'My dear grandson, you will be resurrected after 30 000 years when Nameless demons will invade the World for a second time. The person, who must resurrect you, will be a leader of a Blessed Realm. Keep in mind, the World you will see after this amount of time will be very different, there will be lots of various nations and you will have to unite them all in order to defeat Zazhut. Don't forget to greet your savior and crown him. Also, you will meet the people, the Godless ones, who will unite themselves with the Dragons, you must eliminate them before they ruin your plans.

 From this story you know that the Blessed realm, which Elder shaper had foretold, was the Riddengard Realm and the person, who will resurrect the Shaper, was Riddengard himself.


 Gods also knew that there will be a savior, but waiting for him took a lot of time. It was about 900 years left and there were still no signs of this savior. The gods finally thought, that they're the ones, who must create this hero. You won't believe me, but the person, who they chose to be a savior, was Janus Malacay. You already know, that he was the most intelligent and talented human in the World. But soon Janus started to feel, that there's something wrong with this world. Never ending conflicts and wars. The consequences changed Malacay's personality. He hated Gods for their irrensponsibility and wanted to heal this World. Janus came up with an idea to create a race, which would be more resistant and independent in Eo. His dream was to become a King of this World and bring end to the wars. But you know, how his story ended. He wasn't a savior, before his 'death' Ereon revealed himself to him and told him truth, that he was chosen by Gods. However, Malacay hatred for Gods grew more and more. Finally, he was cursed by the Gods.


 A long time has passed and there was still no sign of the savior. After the War of Six Nations, Gods intended to assemble the Circle made of thirteen most powerful mages in the world. Their quest was to study the Archfire and find the ways to end the conflicts, which were destroying the Eo. But they had failed, because they abused the Archfire and started the Convocation ritual, which was also one of the most catastrophic events that happened in the Eo.


 Failure after a failure, Gods fell into despair. But while they were losing hope, the Riddengard Realm had established in the Sevenkeeps. At first they worked as a spies for a Highmark King. Their duty was to gather more secrets from other nations as possible. But after a couple of years Riddengard's realm seperated from the King and started their own activity. Riddengard and his brother Hagard were the leaders of this clan, but they were very different from each other. Hagard was more interested in the power of the Shadows and worked for Nazshar, later for Sorvina. Riddengard was looking for an old Shaper ruins to gather more information about their nation. He was impressed by their work and power.


 And after eighteen years after the Convocation, Riddengard awakened the Shaper. But their plans were destroyed by the Dragonblood. Riddengard was trampled under foot by the Shaikan and his savior mission had ended.


 Now you see, that nor the Shapers nor the Gods were right about the events in the future. I want to tell you, that Gods have no power to control this world. They're just a people with masks, pretending to be the Gods, they even couldn't cope with their own problems and intrigues that happened in the Realm of the Gods. They had failed several times. To be honest, even the Convocation happened because of the Gods fault.


 That's why the World of Eo can't live in harmony. While there are disagreement between the Gods, there won't be peace in this world."


 "And why should we believe in your story, Shadowtrail?!" Jandrim asked.


 "Do what you want, believe me or disagree with me, I don't care. You don't even know who exactly I am!" said Lorion.

 Suddenly Shadowtrail cast a spell and a huge ball of dust appeared. Lorion managed to escape, his companions came to aid him. But Ylia, Jandrim and Khai conquered them. At the end they felt dissapointed because they let Lorion flee from the prison.


 "What are we going to do now?" Khai worried.


 "First of all, we shouldn't tell anyone the story, which Lorion has told us. We don't know if it's true and just like he said, we don't know who exactly he is. We must work secretly." said Ylia.


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